Class 3 Visit to Creswell Crags

On Thursday the children in Years 3 & 4 visited Creswell Crags, travelling back to the stone age, hunting wild bison and finding ancient cave art. Here they will tell you the sights and wonders that can be explored should you decide to visit yourselves.

Creswell Crags

Creswell Crags is a fun, historical, interactive museum about the Palaeolithic times. Creswell Crags sits on the border of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire and is one of the first English Ice Age caves. Have you been yet?

Ice Age Cave

You will experience a historical dark, wet, cold, terrifying cave that you can see. AND you will feel a spirit follow you in the cave. In the dark cave you will find skulls, bones (Hyena and Lions) as well as crawling through a crumbly, sandy tunnel. There are even creepy crawlies.

Ice Age Painting

In the museum you can see some Ice Age cave paintings, but you can’t just see them, you can also make them! In our museum you will often see images and painting of Aourochs, mammoths, woolly rhinos, deer, reindeer and cave bears.

Ice Age Survival

To survive in the Ice Age you would need to hunt and have a shelter! Where better to build a shelter and hunt than at Creswell Crags. You will hunt a Aourochs and a hyena and make shelter out of leather, sticks and deer fur.

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Written by Isabelle Ball

Creswell Crags

Creswell Crags is a place you can learn all about the Stone Age. The Robin Hood Cave is the biggest cave in Creswell Crags. Remember Safety first!

If you go in the cave you can explore the teeny tiny hole. We all heard a strange dripping sound.

In the cave you will get to see some spears, skeletons, skulls and other artefacts. You needed to earn your way to get out of the cave.

Written By Teegan Knowles

Creswell Crags

Creswell Crags is a place where you can endure the wonders of the Ice Age!! When will this ever end?

Robin Hood’s Hall

First you will get a helmet from your guide, then take a one to two minute walk down the path to the Robin Hood Cave! At the entrance to the cave you must check if it’s safe, but before you do that, please put your light on to discover the wonders of the cave.


In the Museum your guide will take you up the stairs to a second rool to see a short film. Then take a right to the start of the magical paintings…

Written by Lois Ransome

Creswell Crags

First you walk into the museum you may see a great big African Hyena but the Ice Age versions were twice the size.

Lake Walking

Next you will walk along side the beautiful blue lake. Year ago, before the Ice Age, it would of been a lot hotter and the river would have been a lot wider.

Robin Hood’s Cave

You will have the opportunity to go in a cave and maybe even Robin Hood’s Cave! The Victorians say that Robin Hood jumped into the cave to escape from the Sheriff of Nottingham.


After that you will have the opportunity to go back into your amazing room, you can have lunch. Yum yum in your Tum!

Cave Painting

Next you will have four sessions. One will be drawing Ice Age animals. Another will be getting a toothbrush and spraying it on your hands. Third, is when you scratch the image into sticks using flint and rocks. Last you will have the chance to write using cave man writing.

Building Tents

In rain or shine, you will have to build a shelter: An Ice Age tent.

Creswell Crags

Creswell Crags is a place to explore the life of the Stone Age. As you step in their footprints to a world none like your own. With a museum that takes you back about 75, 000 year ago.

Robin Hood Cave

You will walk down the magical past of the Ice Age people to find yourself standing by the boarder of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. You will walk down the side of Derbyshire and you will see one of the most amazing views ever, the crags, with green trees flying everywhere. There you will see some wooden stairs leading into a cave but no ordinary cave, this cave has been used over and over again; it is called the Robin Hood Cave. When you walk in you will feel the spirits build up behind you. You will become your own Ice Age hunter… Explore the depths of the cave and see the amazing life of an Ice Age hunter.

Time Window

Step into a world of Ice Age only. Sit back and watch the time window take you back to 75,000 years ago. Think about the difference between now and the Stone Age. Share magical feelings of what it was like in the Stone Age. Save the wonderful and treasure it forever.

Cave Art

Enter a room of magical wonders going further than you could ever imagine. Create cave art patterns with your bare hands and feel the tension of being really there.

Written by Leila Brett

Creswell Crags

Creswell Crags is an amazing place to learn about the Stone Age and Ice Age times. First when you arrive you will go in the cave, but you have to put on special helmets with lights on. Then you will walk past a huge lake which separates Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, and caves situated around.

Robin Hood’s Cave

Robin Hood’s cave is the biggest cave in Creswell Crags. Before you enter your instructor will send two unfortunate children to go in first to check for Cave Bears! Then you can go in. But remember to turn on the light! In the highest part of the cave, the temperature is a tiny bit warmer than the other areas. When you are up there you will learn how important a needle is! In the deepest part of the cave, in the Stone Age there lived lions, hyenas and Cave Bears. You could even get to the deepest part of this cave in the Ice Age.


If you made it this far, you might want to have lunch. There is a lovely café or you could have a picnic!

Written by Olivia Kelly

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