How Green Is Your Garden?

Classes 1, 2 and 4 are getting green-fingered this half term with their new topics.

The infants are exploring the scented garden, whilst the children in Years 5 & 6 are looking at food production on both a small and large scale.

Class 1 and Class 2 have launched our new topics this week with a hunt for pictures of minibeasts and plants that we might find in the garden. The children showed fantastic teamwork as they helped each other to search for all the pictures and then wrote down what they found.

Class 2's new topic is called 'Scented Garden' and already the children have created some beautiful and colourful flowers for the garden on the wall of the classroom. We have also planted some cress seeds. We have drawn faces on the bowls that we planted the seeds in so hopefully the cress will provide some hair soon. We are observing some hyacinth bulbs growing and we already have one flower. Some of us love the scent of the hyacinth flowers and some of us don't!

We are looking forward to finding out lots about plants and gardens in the coming weeks!

In Class 4 , we have visited the allotments on Starkholmes, and despite there not being much growing, we now have a pretty good idea of what can be grown and how. Such as planing nasturtiums near beans, carrots with onions and adding soot to your soil for potatoes to help keep unwanted pests away.

The plans are to make use of the new vegetable beds and create our own mini-allotments, with 4 children working together to grow fruit and vegetables in each bed.

Moving onto mass production, we will look at farming in the UK, and have a visit from Drew, one of Derbyshire Young Farmers, planned in. He's is going to share what it is like to be a farmer in Derbyshire and livestock farming for the food chain.

We'll also look at food from further afield, imported from other countries and the implications it has on our carbon footprint and the environment. Eventually, we hope to create some lovely meals from the produce we have grown.

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