Heroes and Villains

Class 3 have been introduced to some interesting characters within their new Creative Curriculum topic, Heroes and Villains.

Cruella De Vil came to visit the class and the children got the opportunity to ask her lots of questions about her choice of lifestyle. Some children had the opportunity to become Cruella by donning her infamous fur coat. EVIL!

They picked apart the text 101 Dalmatians and found evidence within the text to confirm that she really is a villain. Once they pulled the text apart, they then compared this to the song from the Disney movie to see how a popular film company proved their antagonist is evil.

This week the children learnt about the historical anti-heroes, Bonnie and Clyde! We picked apart their early life which led us to some clues to why they behaved the way they did. Both left school young for different reasons.

Finding out that Clyde used to watch many silent movies in the 1930s, the children worked on their stage directions to help create their own silent movie of Bonnie and Clyde robbing a bank.

These guys and molls really tried to get the cheddar whilst avoiding the cops and another trip to the joint.

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