Ice cream, games and water wheels!

The children and staff at St Giles ended the half term with a great week of exciting activities.

During this term, the infants have covered the Beachcombers topic. We have learned all about beaches including life in a rock pool, the geography of the coast and we have made sea artwork amongst many other things.

We loved reading the Sally and the Limpet story and we wondered whether Sally would ever be able to remove the limpet from her finger but thankfully she did!

Living so far away from the beach, we have done lots of investigating to find out more about beaches and we have drawn on our experiences and imaginations to think about rock pools, the coast and the sea.

To finish our topic, we had a real ice cream shop in our outdoor area so that we could experience the tradition of buying an ice cream at the beach (without actually being there!) Having had lots of typical British seaside weather during this term we were extremely lucky with the weather on Friday afternoon which meant that we could enjoy our ice creams in the sunshine! A lovely end to our Beachcombers topic!

Class 3 finished off their Mighty Metals topic by making magnetic games. They enjoyed playing each others' games and writing instructions to explain the rules. They also completed their robot friends for The Iron Man and did a fantastic job of designing and decorating!

In Class 4 this half term the children explored the different types of water wheels that powered the mills scattered up and down the Derwent Valley. This resulted in the children designing and making their own water wheels, then testing them. They then experimented to see if their water wheel would lift a weight, looking at how water power could be used to drive machinery.

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