Lots of new adventures

We are now three weeks into the new half term and SO much has been happening. Class Dojo has really taken off and it has been fantastic to be able to communicate with both the children and the parents in a new way. Lots of you have been able to keep up with all the exciting learning in your child's classes, but here is where you can catch up with what the rest of the school have been up to.

Class 1 and 2

We had a fabulous day learning about bonfire night. We learnt about fire safety and then we had our very our bonfire with biscuits and hot chocolate! We also created firework art using chalks and natural objects outside. The children were beautifully behaved.

The infants have also had a wonderful walk to High Tor Woods. We went on the hunt for bears and signs of autumn. We had heard that there were caves and mine shafts nearby which would make a good hiding place for a bear but thankfully we didn't see any on our walk! We did however find lots of signs of autumn when we did our scavenger hunt, looking for items such as different coloured leaves. It was lovely to have a trip out and the children really enjoyed exploring the woods. When we returned to school, we warmed up with a cup of hot chocolate and a biscuit.

Year 1 and 2 also made bread rolls last week which was linked to our work about The Great Fire of London. We talked about how the fire started in Thomas Farriner's bakery on Pudding Lane. The children observed the process of making dough and then did a fantastic job of kneading their own bread for ten minutes. We left the rolls to rise for half an hour and then baked them. The children couldn't wait to eat them and some had been sampled even before the children left the school grounds!

Class 3

There is a bit of a potions laboratory that has sprung up in Class 3. At the start of term the children were set a challenge, to solve clues which took them all around the grounds of the school, and would ultimately lead them to a Mad Hatter's Tea party. Here they were asked if they would take the 'Drink Me' challenge. They were given an unknown liquid as asked if they would drink it in the same way Alice did after she had fallen down the rabbit hole into Wonderland.

In art, they children have created some wonderful sketches of different shapes of bottle, and have then created them in clay using a coil pot technique. Once these are dry, they will be painted and decorated.

Class 4

Do you know how the human heart works? Class 4 have been learning about the structure of the heart, the structure of blood, and how blood is transported around the body.

Initially the children looked at the heart using diagrams, learning the names of ventricles, atrium, arteries and veins. It was then time to see if we could find these things in a real heart. Working in pairs, the children looked at the shape, discovering that the heart was actually more oval, with a slightly pointed bottom than the hearts you find on Valentine's cards. Next, then cut them in half to see if they could find the chambers and valves.

We then tried to recreate a heart using clay. The children took great care in shaping and joining the various elements of the heart. These will be painted once they have dried out.

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