Class 3 have been learning about all kinds of different predators and prey this half term. We started off with a visit from ZooLab. We got to meet a few different exotic predators and prey and found out a bit about what adaptations they have that make them such good hunters or hiders. Snakes can move much faster than we expected!

The children have also been putting their knowledge of predators and prey to the test by coding a beebot to travel across a grid, avoiding predators and obstacles on the way. They wrote algorithms and debugged them so that another group could get their beebot safely across.

One predator the children have been getting to know well is Fantastic Mr Fox as we have been reading the novel for our class book. The children created WANTED! posters for Mr Fox and this week they have been working really hard writing a newspaper report about what happened when the farmers wanted to catch Mr Fox for stealing their chickens. Here is some of their fantastic work:

The children have learned lots of facts about different predators, from birds of prey to carnivorous plants and incredible insects. They have found out about how energy travels through a food chain and how some animals can be grouped together by what they eat as carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. You have been working hard at home too and we have already seen some brilliant home learning projects. You can see some of them here:

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