Rio de Vida - A Taste of Brazil

Learning about Brazil With a Visit From Mr Holanda

As part of our ‘Rio de Vida’ topic, children in the infants have been learning about Brazil. So far, we have found out about the Rio de Janeiro Carnival, we have been reading a folktale from the Amazon and learning about samba music and dancing. We are really enjoying our vibrant topic!

On Thursday, Mr Holanda came to tell us all about Brazil. We had a wonderful time as he brought the country and its culture to life. We found out that people speak Brazilian Portuguese, which is different to European Portuguese. We even learnt how to speak some words in Portuguese such as hello, goodbye, and different action words too.

We discovered that unlike the UK, it is never very cold in Brazil. We found out that music is very popular and bossa nova music is particularly popular. Children learn to play samba music at samba school and there is a samba schools parade.

We all enjoyed the games we played and we asked lots of questions about life in Brazil.

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