Scrumdiddlyumptious and Gallery Rebels

What a busy term the Juniors have had! Class 3 have been discovering all things 'delicious' whilst Class 4 have explored the movements of the art world that caused ructions amongst the established school of thought.

This term Class 3 have been learning all about food and healthy eating! We loved visiting York Chocolate Story back in November to learn all about how chocolate is made and have a go at making and designing some chocolate wallpaper.

We then learned about the main food groups and why a healthy diet is important, before designing and making some fantastic smoothies. We also read recipes to make Diwali sweets and had a go at writing a recipe for our own Christmas incredible edible.

The children loved acting in the Christmas play and did a fantastic job learning their parts.

Another highlight of this term was

Eco Day when we learned all about climate change and thought about the little ways we can help in school that all add up to make a big difference, such as turning off lights and looking after resources. Some of our ideas are now up around school as posters for everyone to see!

In Class 4 we have explored the art world. We started by visiting Graves Gallery in Sheffield for a workshop on portraits, and then explored the other artworks and styles that were there.

We started by looking at the work of the Impressionists, their painting technique and why their style was so radical. We went outside and had our own experience of painting 'en plein air' as Monet did. It was a battle of paint and the elements, but it gave a real sense of what painting outside must have been like.

We improved our understanding of colour: primary, secondary and tertiary colours, as well as tints, tones and shades.

Finally we looked at the work of Andy Warhol, and thought about what he might have done if he was asked to depict Christmas. We made our own stamps so that we could print repeating images before colouring them in the bright, bold 'Pop Art' style.

Our Eco-day was spent outside pruning some of the overgrown willow dome, taking holly cuttings, and then turning all of this into wreaths. It was a real challenge to shape the willow, and then attach the greenery, however we made some wonderful creations.

The Christmas play was a highlight, and we hope that you ave enjoyed watching it on the website.

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