Summer at last!

While the weather may not have realised that it's the summer term, we are all very glad to be back to school again. We are all enjoying our topics and getting stuck in to learning together again.

On the first day of term Class 1 and 2 found a beach bag in the water tray!!! Fortunately, there wasn't any water in the tray at the time. We couldn't find anyone it belonged to so we nervously opened it. Inside we found:

  1. a swimming costume,

  2. a sun hat,

  3. some sunglasses,

  4. some flip flops,

  5. an information sheet about limpets,

  6. a limpet shell,

  7. some pliers,

  8. a spanner,

  9. a bucket,

  10. a spade,

  11. a fishing net!

Who could it belong to? We wrote lists of all the things we could remember and then a couple of days later we found a zip pocket in the side of the bag. We decided to look inside. There we found a notebook with the address of a person called Sally. Now we could write to tell them that we had found their bag, so we all wrote postcards to Sally.

A week later we received a parcel addressed to us. Inside was a letter and a book called 'Sally and the limpet'. We were so excited and have read part of the story already. In the story Sally goes to the beach and has a great time playing in the rock pools. She finds a very pretty looking limpet shell which she tries to pick of a rock. It is stuck but, as she pulls, she slips, ,and the shell then becomes stuck to the end of her finger!!! Dad tries so hard to get it off but that night she has to drive home with the shell still stuck firmly!!

We have all had some ideas to help Sally remove the shell and hopefully we will find out next week what happens next!

Class 3 have been learning about mighty metals and started off by writing and publishing poems inspired by molten metal.

Class 3 have also been exploring forces. They investigated magnetism and designed games using pushes, pulls, gravity and friction. The children discovered that magnets repel same poles and attract different poles. They had great fun making magnets move without touching them!

They also used magnets to make compasses by floating a magnet on a bowl of water and following the directions to find treasure!

Class 3 have also been designing and building robots inspired by our class book, The Iron Man. We can't wait to see the finished results!

Class 4 have been investigating Matlock and what it was like in the past. Firstly, they looked at some photos pf Matlock taken in the later 1900s and early 20th century. They were challenged to find the exact view and take a photo to compare and contrast how the town looks. Here is a photo to challenge you? Can you find where this is now?

After that we looked at the modern OS map of Matlock, locating places we knew, including school and where some of us lived. We then looked at a map dated 1870 and tried to find those places again. The biggest thing we noticed that the road layout was the same, but on the 1879 map there were far fewer houses than today, and some of the places we lived were not even built.

We looked at when Matlock was linked to the railway network and who ran the line. We learned about the tram which ran up Bank Road to take people up to the Hydros that were located there. FUN FACT: Did you know that this tramway was the steepest road mounted tramway in the world when it was built? It cost tuppence to go up and a penny to come down.

Here is a selection of some of our fantastic work:

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