World Book Day Preparations

World Book Day 2022 will soon be upon us, and the children in all classes have been getting ready for the big day by creating author related displays in the Courtyard.

The Infants explored the work of the brilliant Julia Donaldson. A firm favourite with children and adults alike. As you can see from the image below, they have created some wonderful images based on Axel Scheffler's work. They have also completed some book reviews of their favourite books.

You can find out more for yourself on her website:

Class 3 explored the world of Anthony Browne. Having spent a morning reading a wide range of books, they completed their work on his book Voices in the Park.

If you would like to hear this story yourself, then visit Anthony Browne's website where you can here a musically accompanied version of the story.

Class 4 have almost finished reading The Phoenix Code by Helen Moss, and so spent time exploring who she is and the other books she has written. They completed some book reviews, fact files, and imagined what the character looked like for their display.

Why not explore her website and find out more?

World Book Day takes place on the first Thursday back after half term, and children are encouraged to come dressed as a book character, or wear a T-shirt related to their favourite book.

They have also already brought home a £1 voucher which can be exchanged for a special edition of books written by some fabulous authors. You can find out which books are available here:

Why not visit Toy Stories in Matlock, or Scarthin Books in Cromford to explore these and other fabulous books for children?

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