Week 1

At St Giles School we love computer coding and have our own Code Club. Computer Coding is a very important part of our children’s education and future. Coding is fun and Geek is the new Cool!




So your challenge this week has been set by Code Club. They think it’s fantastic we are doing this and are backing us fully.

Here is your link to a Code Club Project which is Scratch. You will need Scratch and can download the offline editor here.

(This is what the children use at school)


Just follow the link and you will be guided through it. It really is as easy as that.


And if you like this here are another                                       You could also try the HTML & CSS                                                   & have a go at Python

                  21 Projects                                                                                    12 Projects                                                                                      12 Projects






And there’s more!

At Code Club we found this and it’s great. Computer Science Fundamentals for early readers & 1 Hour of Code


Start with Course 1 for early readers.

When you’ve completed 1 hour of Code you fill in a certificate and print it out!



Take a look at our Code Club Blog