Week 2

Inspired by our amazingly awesome PE lessons. This challenge will get you active and moving, Adults and Children.

. What a great time to get up and moving as we host IAAF World Championships in Athletics. And for extra motivation here we have two videos. 

We say goodbye to Usain Bolt and you can see the best of Mo Farah.   


NOW LET'S GET STARTED!   Moe Jones has made this work out for Kids & Adults so everyone can join in!

And Moe sent us a message, “Thanks for your support, fitness 4 life!!!”

And here is your second work out video.

Here is Moe's kids hip hop workout. Caution, this will make you sweat, it's fast and non stop. 

Here is another great, fun activity.

Try it out! And here’s one for the Adults. We don’t want to leave them out!

And for all the Dancers or wannabe Dancers

here you can learn a Dance to "Can't Stop the Feeling" by Justin Timberlake!