Week 3

Every child at St Giles School takes part in Forest Craft as part of the school’s timetable.

Forest Craft is our commitment to Outdoor Learning and it has been especially designed and compiled for St Giles School around our amazing grounds and local wildlife.

We have been lucky enough this week for one of our challenges to given to us by Jamie Dakota from Howl Bushcraft  Jamie is an Outdoor Educator and helped us in training staff for Forest Craft.

Jamie has set a further challenge for older children.

  • You are to research another way to find north and test it with a compass (or google maps) to see if it works!



In Forest Craft we have an Outdoor Classroom with Tarp Shelters/Dens to sit under. Here we will share with you the resources we used to plan this. And now it’s your turn to go and build a Den.


Den Building Resources from Muddy Faces


At Forest Craft Fire Lighting is one of the children's favourite activities. Here you can see how to light a fire with a Fire Steel. We like to use cotton wool pads with Vaseline placed in the middle of them as a good, long burning tinder. Another great tip is to light your fire in a tin foil take away container, while practising your Fire Lighting skills!