Mathematic Fluency, reasoning and problem solving which are outlined in the National Curriculum form the essential essence of maths at St Giles Primary School. Developing numerical fluency is at the heart of maths teaching and learning, allowing the children to develop the fundamental basics which they need to use in order to process. Children are given systematic opportunities to practise and apply their skills so that knowledge and concepts are embedded in the long-term memory and can be recalled and used automatically. Teaching is structured and delivered in a way that builds on previous learning and challenges misconceptions.

Maths is taught daily throughout school, including Reception and is based around White Rose Maths resources. This allows for a structured progression of concepts and skills and supports teachers in delivering exciting and meaningful learning experiences. It also encourages the development of mathematical vocabulary and maths talk. From EYFS to Year 6 children use concrete apparatus including Dienes, Place Value Cards, Numicon to not only develop the building blocks of sound mathematical knowledge but also to make concepts accessible and help children with their explanations.

Fluency practise of core skills is an integral part of everyday learning. Additional multiplication and division practise is provided through Times Table Rockstars.

Maths teaching and learning at St Giles Primary should embrace enjoyment, success and challenge with children leaving schools being numerate and able to apply their learning to everyday life including the world of work.

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